Annual Giving Tree

The Parish of St. John the Baptist


Both in person and virtually in partnership the Home for Little Wanderers
Our parish—headed up by our youth and Sunday School students—will again sponsor the annual Christmas Giving Tree in order to provide Christmas gifts to over a 100 children that otherwise would not receive a Christmas gift.
Due to COVID-19, The Home for Little Wanderers will not be accepting gifts this year. Instead, they have asked that we help by purchasing gift cards for the children.
Please see the details and links below for more information!
WHO: Our Saint John the Baptist Parish Family
WHAT: Annual Parish Christmas Giving Tree Outreach Project
WHEN: From NOW to Sunday, December 19th
WHERE: Drop off gift cards at our Church front lobby under the Christmas Tree by the end of Liturgy on Sunday, December 19th
WHY: To Provide a Christmas Gift Wish and a little Christian love and support to young people through our partnership with The Home for Little Wanderers

CLICK HERE to reserve your gift for the Giving Tree

Please bring the gift card to the church on Sunday, December 19th for a blessing and for distribution to the children


Purchase the gift card online through the link provided


THANK YOU for your love and generosity! God Bless you!



About The Home:
Every year in Massachusetts more than 32,000 children suffer from abuse and neglect. That’s an average of 90 children each day. The most common types of maltreatment are neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse, with younger children suffering most often. The effects of this mistreatment are deep and broad, and require intervention at many levels, often for many years. The Home for Little Wanderers acts as a safe haven for many of the children who are part of these staggering statistics, providing therapeutic programming in our group homes, residential schools, and outpatient programs And we also work to stop the abuse before it happens, providing intensive counseling and family support services through our community-based programs.
During holiday drives like Big Wishes, generous people donate gifts for kids-in-need/at-risk youth. Not only do the kids need some extra joy, but it also feels really good to get a specific item that an individual child has asked for. Buying that Tonka Truck for Jimmy at Harrington House has a tangible feel of happiness, and most donors instinctively choose to adopt wishes from younger kids. But as is the case throughout the year, the kids who get forgotten are the teenagers. Their needs and wishes are different and more mature and less appealing to donors. But teenagers are just as deserving, important, and in need of compassion as the younger ones.
Teenagers that live at The Home have typically been in the foster care system for much of their lives, often bouncing from one placement to another. They’ve been given hand-me-downs and thrift-shop clothes at every stop along the way. Their lives have been decided by amorphous organizations like DCF and DMH, who decide where the child will live and for how long. The teens have had little control of their personal lives and rarely have had anything approximating an allowance, which would provide them with a modicum of personal choices regarding clothing styles, toothpaste brands, or books to read. You know what our teenagers want for Christmas? They want a little control over what they wear, use, and read. They want options to choose the red shirt vs. the blue shirt. They want to try on the jeans for size. They want to browse through magazines and books to see what might interest them.
When a donor provides a teenager with a gift card, the donor is providing far more than the dollar value of that card. They’re providing the teen with some personal control, the ability to choose where, when, and what they use that gift card for. They’re providing the teen with some dignity. Sure, gift cards aren’t an exciting gift to give. But for teenagers in our care, a gift card is one of the most valuable things they could receive.
For more Information on The Home For Little Wanderers Big Wishes Holiday Drive: Our Big Wishes Holiday Drive is one of our biggest efforts of the year, and under normal circumstances, we collect thousands of gifts for our kids and families at our “Toy Room”, where we also have tons of volunteer opportunities for groups to help sort and distribute to our clinicians and social workers.